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 Our PHOTOBLOCKS are handcrafted works of art designed to add a little something extra to your beautiful photographs.  We cut our wood blanks to size, hand sand to a super smooth finish, and seal them to limit any acid or unwanted oils from leaching into the mounted print. Once we have a finished blank, we print your work using the same archival papers and inks that we would frame in our Signature or Luxe Series Frames, so the artwork itself is archival although the mount is ultimately "permanent and irreversible."  

We mount your prints using an acid-free adhesive and then seal the print with 2-3 coats of conservation varnish.  We use a brush for application, as we like the little touch of texture it adds to the final product.  Once dry, we hand sand the edges to give a finished/ beveled presentation.  A touch rustic, super homey, "soft" enough for a nursery, but "rough" enough for the garage.  We absolutely love them and so do our clients.  Hopefully yours will too!




Please ensure that the FILE type is .TIFF (preferred) or .jpeg and that the pixel resolution is 300 dpi (preferred) or 250 dpi (minimum).  


Print Size

Pixel Dimension @ 250 dpi

File Size @ 250 dpi

5 x 7

1,250 x 1,750

6.26 Mgb

8 x 10

2,000 x 2,500

14.4 Mgb

8 x 12

2,000 x 3,000

17.2 Mgb

11 x 14

2,750 x 3,500

26.6 Mgb

16 x 20

4,000 x 5,000

57.3 Mgb

20 x 24

5,000 x 6,000

85.9 Mgb

20 x 30

5,000 x 7,500

107.5 Mgb


*NOTE: With regard to “Color Correction” and Image “Touch-Ups”… TPF will NEVER modify, crop, “touch-up,” or otherwise alter, in any way, a clients uploaded image without the consent of the artist.  If we see an issue in sizing, color saturation, editing, cropping, etc. a member of our team may reach out to you via phone, email, or DM in attempt to resolve any issue.  If we cannot reach you, we may place your order in a SUSPENDED status until we can resolve the issue.  


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