Letter From Our Co-Founder

Are you an artist?

Are you an entrepreneur?

Do you take pride in the art you create?

Would your client’s lives be better with your work on their walls?



These are all questions I asked myself when I first started out in photography over 10 years ago.  It was 2009, the iPhone had been in circulation for almost 2 years, and almost everyone in the universe was walking around with a “camera” in their pocket. Digital photography had taken the world over and everyone wanted images to upload on the Internet.  Facebook, MySpace, IG, and Pinterist were the final resting place for most images captured during this time.  


What was I, a self-proclaimed, digital photographic “artist,” supposed to do in this kind of landscape?  Where people even going to hire me? Would my clients appreciate my “art” enough to put it up on their walls?


What I learned, and what many of you reading this may already know, is that the answer to ALL of these questions is a resounding YES!!!  You are an artist!   Your ART should not rest on some flash-drive in the dark, dusty recesses of your clients desk drawer.  Those images you created should brighten your client’s day… everyday, as they walk by them with their morning cup of coffee.   


But sadly, most clients will never get around to printing, let alone framing any of your images.  Maybe even more depressing, is that if they do get around to printing or framing them, the quality of the final product will be out of your control.  


I started The Photographer’s Framer to help other photographers realize these truths and to solve problems for both client and photographer alike.  We are photographers ourselves, so we know what is at stake.  We understand the framing process and we control it from start to finish.  Our products are meticulously crafted, by hand, using archival, acid-free, preservation grade materials and processes right here in the good ole USA.  We place quality and customer satisfaction above everything else and strive to deliver a product and service unmatched anywhere.


Our mission is to get your work on your client’s walls.  No dusty, forgotten flash drives here!




Brittany Elise Anderson, Co-Founder & CEO