What is the best way to contact you?

To contact us, please email hello@thephotographersframer.com

Is your pricing available to the public?

As a wholesale framing company, our website is only available to photographers with an account that we personally verify by confirming their business profiles or websites. Your clients will not have access to any pricing information.

How does the pricing work for frame sizes?

Our frame sizes automatically fall under small, medium, large, x-large, xx-large, and xxx-large depending on the size of the image selected. The price is the same for all frames that fall under the same size.

How does the sizing of frames work?

We work with an inside to outside method starting with the size of your print and building the rest of the piece out from there using the drop-down selections on our site (i.e. mat size, glazing, moulding, etc). Matting is built around the image on all sides. If an 8x12 with 2" mat is ordered, the interior dimension (not including the size of the frame) will be 12x16. The outer dimension is determined by adding the interior dimension with the width of the frame. If the frame selected is 1" thick in width, the outer dimension will become 14x18. This information is useful when building out galleries for clients.

How does the sizing for deckled edge Luxe frames work?

As this is a pretty custom style frame, the sizing system changes depending on the mounting style and size of deckled edge border that is selected. The 'border' is referring to whether you prefer a white edge around the print or no white edge. If you are trying to match a deckled edge frame with another frame or gallery, please reach out with desired dimensions and we will work with you to your specifications.

What is the largest frame size?

Our prints can be at most 24 inches on the small side, and the largest frame we can possibly ship is a 38x48 including the width of the frame (outer dimension). As long as the print, matting, and frame fall under these parameters, we can make nearly any variation work. Please reach out if you would like more information on sizing and pricing for your client and we would be happy to help!

What mats do you offer?

We offer 4 ply, double 4ply, and 8ply with no differential in cost. Our 4 ply is only available in white, and our 8ply is available in five different colors - White, Ivory, Greige, Charcoal, and Black. We offer mat samples inside our sample kit under products to conveniently show your clients for in person sales.

For mat widths, we offer 2, 3, and 4 inches under our signature frames. Weighted mats have some larger options. If you would like a larger mat width than 4 inches, please send us an email for custom matting. This may incur an additional fee.  

Am I able to make custom requests?

Certainly! Please email us if you have any special requests related to sizing, sourcing moulding, or anything not available on our site. In the event you need to order a custom size that falls under the same sizing category (ie. 12x16 to a 12x15) feel free to specify the desired size in the notes of the order and we will gladly accommodate! We will reach out if there are any issues or pricing differences.

Do I need to submit my images at the correct size and crop?

To ensure you receive your desired composition, please crop your images to the exact size selected for your frame. We always double check image sizes and resolution, but the cropping of images is up to you and your clients. If we receive images that have not been cropped, we will crop to the center and reach out if we feel it is not sufficient to frame. To resize and crop images, you can use Adobe Photoshop. Cropping is available as a tool in the toolbar, while resize image will be under 'image' in the top left.

What is the difference between Lite and Luxe frames?

For the difference between our Lite and Luxe line, see image below. The main differences are the archival quality, acrylic, backing paper, and matting. The Lite line does not use CG or MUS acrylic, but Standard acrylic as a cost-effective option for photographers and their clients. All of our frames come with backing paper except the metal frames and Nola tabletop frames. 
Our Lite line is a cost-friendly non-archival alternative for photographers to get physical products into the hands of their clients. Our Luxe line is the best option for preservation as the acrylic prevents fading and degradation of the print and matting over-time. It also offers more options as far as matting (4ply, double 4ply, 8ply white, 8ply ivory, 8ply greige, 8ply charcoal, and 8ply black) and mount styles (matted deckled-edge, mounted deckled edge, etc.) For more information, please visit Signature Lite Frames and Signature Luxe Frames under products on our site.


What is the difference between CG and MUS acrylic?

Our Conservation Grade (CG) acrylic and Museum (MUS) acrylic are both guaranteed to preserve your photography for generations to come, offering 99% resistance to UV rays that fade the image over time. These are the two acrylic options offered under our LUXE line. Museum acrylic features an optical coating that allows less than 1.6% light reflection resulting in a crystal clear presentation. This acrylic will have a bluish purple hue that cancels out hard light reflections. Here is a photo displaying the difference with CG acrylic on the left and MUS acrylic on the right -

What different hardware options do you offer?

We have four hardware options available. Beehives are our most popular hardware option as they are best for gallery installation since the frame can be adjusted in any direction once installed. See beehive demo videos here for hanging and installation information. The rest are by preference. See image below for all options.

What is your turnaround time?

We fulfill orders within 3-4 weeks of their placement. Depending on order volume, the turnaround time may fluctuate as everything is hand chopped, joined, assembled, and reviewed by our wonderful team. Please reach out to inquire about current turnaround times. 

I have a client who needs their frame asap! Do you offer a rush policy?

We do offer a rush policy! To guarantee shipment of your order within 7 business days, we charge a fee of $125 for up to five frames. If you have any additional frames, we charge $25 per frame after that. Please be aware that this policy is at the mercy of current order volume, so it may not always be offered. If you do not need your frames shipped within 7 business days, but you are trying to meet a deadline, feel free to reach out so we can determine if it is feasible with our current waiting queue.

Do you ship internationally?

We currently only ship within the United States, but we hope to expand in the future.

Can I have the frames delivered directly to my clients?

We do not have any additional charge for drop-shipping at this time, so feel free to adjust the address to wherever you would like them delivered in the United States! All drop shipped orders are branding-free and will never include any order information (packing slip, invoice, etc). The address system does have a cap for adding new addresses, so if you have any issues, please request an address change in the notes of the order and we will adjust it accordingly.

I received a discount code and it didn't work! What do I do?

Sometimes the nature of our tier-based discount structure may conflict with individual discount codes. If you ever have any issue using a discount code you may have received, please reach out to us so we can ensure your savings are applied. 

My frame arrived damaged. What do I do from here?

We know that having a frame arrive damaged is a huge inconvenience for you and your client. We strive to solve damages as fast as possible. Please email us within a week of receiving your package so we can quickly get your replacement into production. Depending on the state of the frame and what components were damaged, we will either completely redo the frame in house or request you repurpose the shipping materials and send the frames back with a label we provide.

Do you offer any frame templates for in person sales software?

Yes, we have a gallery of frame corner photos! IPS Sample Corners Gallery

I want more information on selling frames! Where can I go?

Our curator Brittany Elise offers a coaching program that helps photographers achieve extraordinary growth within their businesses by teaching pricing strategy, marketing, sales, etc. We encourage you to reach out to her on Instagram with any questions you may have regarding the program, she would be more than happy to help! You can find her work at @brittanyelisephotography or her mastermind program at Brittany Elise Education.